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Leather Cleaning

Your leather couch may be suffering from built-up dirt, grime, ink, and natural body oils.

We have a team of trained leather restore technicians using the most effective and safest methods for leather lounge cleaning.

We use mild, chemical-free cleaning agents and conditioners to remove soiling from the leather and restore it to a pristine condition. Gold Coast Leather Cleaning & Repairs can ensure that your leather couch looks its best.

Leather Repairs

Scuffs, pet scratches, rips, wear and tear make a big impact on your leather furniture. We can repair these issues for you, onsite and with care. We repair by hand, with stitching, cleaning and colour matching.

We are fully equipped to fix all types of leather furniture issues. Gold Coast Leather Cleaning strives to deliver the best leather restore solutions at competitive prices.

Leather Stitching

Broken seams, broken stitches, tears, and cuts can all be repaired with careful hand stitching.

We use heavy-duty upholstery threads to re-stitch an open seam on leather furniture.

You can rest assured that Gold Coast Leather Cleaning will leave your leather couch looking great.

Colour Fading Issues

Sweat, body oils, sunlight, and other stressors can cause colour fading to your leather, and leave your furniture looking damaged or aged.

Let us improve your furniture’s appearance by restoring your faded leather lounge.

If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us.

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