There’s a reason you buy a leather lounge: it looks good and feels better.

But what happens over time to your leather?

It gets dirty, can get torn or cut accidentally, and sometimes, due to wear and tear the stitching can start to come apart.

Here are the reasons why your leather lounge seams are coming apart and what to do about it.

Why Your Leather Lounge Seams Are Coming Apart?

1) Old Age

The older your lounge, the higher the chances are your seams will start to come apart.

2) Faulty Workmanship

If the lounge is not of great quality or has been put together in a rush by someone who isn’t as much of a perfectionist, then your seams will start to come apart.

3) Wear and Tear

If your lounge handles a lot of use, then wear and tear will occur more often and with more visible signs of damage.

The good news?

At Gold Coast Leather Cleaning and Repair we can help you with your leather lounge tearing when you notice the seams on your leather lounge coming apart.

Time Is Of The Essence

Like with most stitching, the best time to take action is when the first few seams start to come apart. The longer you leave it, the more use the lounge has, the more seams open, and the harder it is to fix.

We are qualified at hand stitching and can repair your lounge in no time at all. We are a mobile service, so we can come to your home and hand stitch the delicate seams on your leather lounge and keep them together.

So if your leather lounge seams are coming apart, call us now on 0435 038 774 for a hassle-free quote or click here.

Take Care of what you love.


Do you know the number one cause of why your leather lounge is dirty?

Spoiler alert… it’s You!

Being a natural product sourced from animals, leather is not as robust and indestructible as people imagine. Your leather lounge gets dirty easily and fastly absorbs substances like oils and sweat.

In order to see your leather last a long time in your home, it needs proper care and ongoing maintenance.

The one thing that causes your leather furniture to deteriorate faster than anything else is you!

The everyday use you give to your leather lounge means all the dirt, grime, natural oils, and sweat from your body PLUS any residue from the products you use on your hair and skin can cause havoc on the condition and structure of your leather lounge.

The substances you leave behind on your leather can cause the top layers of the leather to break down, this is when you can see peeling or cracking. The overtime, the substances can penetrate the rest of the layers of the leather.

In most cases, this type of damage can be repaired with cleaning, conditioning, and ongoing regular maintenance.

Think about the last time your leather lounge had a professional clean and condition….maybe it’s never had one? The time to invest in a professional clean is now. Your leather lounge will thank you and you’ll rest easy knowing your family is relaxing on nice, clean furniture.

If you invest in genuine leather and take care of it, you will enjoy it for years to come. Your leather lounge is too nice to stay dirty.

So if your leather lounge is dirty, contact us today for a quote! When we come to you and clean your dirty leather lounge, we use gentle, Australian-made, safe cleaning products that are specifically made for leather furniture. We clean your leather lounge by hand, and condition your leather lounge to seal in the clean. The conditioning assists in keeping the leather cleaner for longer.

Take care of what you love.