discoloured leather from dye transfer

Tired Of Discoloured Leather On Your Beautiful Furniture?

It’s not a great look when your pristine white leather lounge or leather armchair shows up with discoloured leather from a dye transfer.

The good news? We can help you with fixing it.

How Do I Get Discoloured Leather From A Dye Transfer?

Discoloured leather from a dye transfer is caused typically by wet clothes left forgotten sitting on the leather overnight or for an extended period of time.

It can also occur whilst wearing new, highly pigmented clothes like jeans or dyed pants and sitting on your leather lounge.

Another cause for dye transfer is newspaper left sitting on your leather lounge, where you will see an imprint of ink left on the leather.

What Type Leather Is At Risk From A Dye Transfer?

The most vulnerable leather is white or light coloured grey or beige leather lounges and leather armchairs. You may also see this dye transfer in your light coloured leather car seats.

There are different types of leather and some are more susceptible to damage than others. It’s best to consult with a leather expert before you attempt any DIY leather cleaning in case you make the issue worse, and the repair job will end up being more difficult.

What Can I Do About Discoloured Leather?

So when these accidents happen, the dye from clothes or ink from newspaper will seep into the top layer of the leather lounge and it gets embedded in the leather pigments.

General cleaning is not an option anymore. The damage has gone too far into the leather.

The only way to repair a dye transfer is to recolour the damaged area by exactly matching the existing colour of your leather lounge or leather armchair.

These are some images from a recent dye transfer repair we carried out for a local, Gold Coast client:


discoloured leather from dye transfer

dye transfer repair gold coast


They were very happy with the results, and loved seeing their favourite chair brought back to coloured life.

How Can We Help You?

These complex leather repairs (including leather discolouration) are what we specialise in at Gold Coast Leather Cleaning and Repair. Our Head Technician is a leather expert and versed in all kinds of leather repairs.
With a repair of discoloured leather from a dye transfer, this kind of repair is permanent and it’s our company policy to give our customers a 12 months warranty on these repairs.
Request a quote today by filling in this form, or calling JB on 0435 038 774.

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