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Help! My Leather Lounge Is Dirty.

Do you know the number one cause of your leather lounge looking dirty and ultimately deteriorating?

Spoiler alert... it's You!

Being a natural product sourced from animals, leather is not as robust and indestructible as people imagine.

In order to see your leather last a long time in your home, it needs proper care and ongoing maintenance.

The one thing that causes your leather furniture to deteriorate faster than anything else is you. The every day use you give to your leather lounge means all the dirt, grime, natural oils and sweat from your body PLUS any residue from the products you use on your hair and skin can cause havoc on the condition and structure of your leather lounge.

The substances you leave behind on your leather can cause the top layers of the leather to break down, this is when you can see peeling or cracking. The over time, the substances can penetrate the rest of the layers of the leather.

In most cases, this type of damage can be repaired with cleaning, conditioning, and ongoing maintenance.

If you invest in genuine leather and take care of it, you will enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today for a quote on how to maintain and refurbish your leather lounge, couch, sofa or armchair.

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